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We invite you to share the feasting with friends, family, staff and strangers. YIAMAS!

Southgate is an amazing dining precinct in the food capital of Australia. The only missing piece to the puzzle was an authentic Greek restaurant.

Translating to number one in Greek, ENA serves up innovative, rustic offerings that are inspired by the streets of Greece. ENA is an evolution of simple, fresh and flavoursome ingredients. We offer quality dining with a relaxed atmosphere and provide take away for the fast paced lunchtime crowd.

ENA utilises traditional Greek cooking principles. Our meats are cooked on a slow rotisserie over a coal fire pit, which are used in Greek homes and shops at the agora. ENA has a strong focus on using the freshest seasonal ingredients and sourcing the best cuts of meat from local Victorian suppliers. Our coffee is blended in house and the wine list incorporates both Australian drops and an inspired variety of Greek wines.

We have taken a blank canvas and have set out to create what the Melbourne dining experience is, which in our opinion is a combination of the European heritage that the Australian culture has adopted.

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ENA is bringing a modern twist to food inspired by the streets of Greece

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